Greetings Chin-heads!!  Just wanted to give a quick update to let you all know that we're still here.  As some of you know, Blair has been playing all over creation with Sonny Knight & The Lakers and they are doing quite well.  They had a busy festival season and now,  as summer has wrapped, The Lakers are getting ready to head to Europe!  As a fellow hometown outfit we wish them the best.

"So what does that mean for The Chinwaggers?" you ask.  The Chins, for the time being, will be pushing on as a trio (Joe, Nick, & Jordan).  Yes...we have been revamping songs, learning new ones, working on vocal harmonies, mixing in some new instrumentation, and even working on writing some new tunes.  So rest assured that we will continue to rock in support of our latest release "Wayward Son", all the while keeping things fresh.  Check out the Calendar page to see where we're playing next!  We hope to see you around.


The Chinwaggers

Release party success!


Hey gang...a sincere thanks to everyone who made it out to the Aster Cafe for the CD release party.  It really couldn't have been better.  The Chins, along with the other performers Jim Carey and Jessica Carey, had a blast playing to a packed room.  We're currently working on booking more shows this spring/summer in support of the new album so keep checking the "Calendar" page to stay updated!

In other news, we should mention that our very own Blair Krivanek just got back from a successful trip to Austin, TX where he performed with Sonny Knight & The Lakers at the world renowned South By Southwest music festival.  The band was originally slated to play two showcases but they ended up playing eight!  Well done.

And lastly, Joe had a busy week with a couple of last minute bookings -- a fill-in slot at KFAI's Live From Studio 5 (listen to the entire broadcast here) and as part of the reputable Mad Ripple Hootenanny at Harriet Brewing Co. hosted by journalist/songwriter Jim Walsh.  Lots of great news comin' outta Camp Chinwagger.  Thanks to everybody for the support!  It really means a lot.


The Chinwaggers

The Chinwaggers present....Wayward Son


Greetings, ladies and gents!  We are thrilled to announce the completion of our new album "Wayward Son"!  It sure has been quite a process...two years in the making.  We started tracking drums in Blair's old basement and then months later recorded bass tracks in a band house near Okoboji, IA while we were down there for a gig.  After that we dilly-dallied with guitars and vocals in various garages, living rooms, bedrooms, etc.  Finally we took everything that we had recorded to studio guru Rob Genadek at The Brewhouse for mixing/mastering.  And now, with the help of photographer Rob Meyer and designer Peter Lochner, we can say that the project is in fact done and we will be celebrating with a show at the Aster Cafe in Minneapolis on Saturday, March 8th!  So stay tuned for more useless tidbits and do feel free to browse the new website (which will be tweaked along the way).  Also, feedback is more than welcome if you got something on your collective brains.  Til later...


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