The Chinwaggers present....Wayward Son


Greetings, ladies and gents!  We are thrilled to announce the completion of our new album "Wayward Son"!  It sure has been quite a process...two years in the making.  We started tracking drums in Blair's old basement and then months later recorded bass tracks in a band house near Okoboji, IA while we were down there for a gig.  After that we dilly-dallied with guitars and vocals in various garages, living rooms, bedrooms, etc.  Finally we took everything that we had recorded to studio guru Rob Genadek at The Brewhouse for mixing/mastering.  And now, with the help of photographer Rob Meyer and designer Peter Lochner, we can say that the project is in fact done and we will be celebrating with a show at the Aster Cafe in Minneapolis on Saturday, March 8th!  So stay tuned for more useless tidbits and do feel free to browse the new website (which will be tweaked along the way).  Also, feedback is more than welcome if you got something on your collective brains.  Til later...


The Chinwaggers


Bill Gehrman February 14, 2014 @01:35 pm
Great job Joe & Chinwaggers! favorite= Vagabond Bastard Seems we all can relate @ some level. Also, Nice spanish guitar element! Lyrics of all songs clear, a big plus! Hope to see u @ release party in March

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